Fast Picture Viewer Pro

FastPictureViewer Professional

Fastest RAW image viewing and culling for photographers.

FastPictureViewer Professional is a color-managed RAW image viewer, built for photographers with the aim to speed up image culling, rating and selection. FastPictureViewer is, quite simply, the quickest image viewer ever built, engineered to take advantage of modern 64-bit hardware and powerful graphic cards, delivered in a slick content-first user interface.

FastPictureViewer Professional can be used in many different ways by very different peoples: photographers looking for an efficient way to cull batches of new photos before "developping" them using their usual tools, photo editors reviewing thousands of images per day in search of that perfect cover picture, or photo enthusiasts admiring their photo collection. We have prepared three different usage scenarios below, each highlighting different aspects of the product.

FastPictureViewer Professional is a perfect companion to existing Digital Asset Management suites such as Adobe Lightroom or IDImager, helping users perform their initial accept/reject selection and rating much faster than before. Put in another way, you'll be done with reviewing/culling/rating in FPV Pro before Lightroom finished importing all your files and churning the previews. You'd then only import the keepers and end up saving a lot of time. Get the free trial and see for yourself.

FastPictureViewer Professional supports most image formats and comes with first-class support for raw formats from more than 400 digital camera models, while support for specialized formats - such as Photoshop PSD, OpenEXR, JPEG2000, TGA, PNM, HDR or DDS - can be added through our own FastPictureViewer Codec Pack add-in. Our viewer can also be extended by 3rd-party image decoders such as DjVu, supplied by other vendors, with more to come in the future.

Fast Picture Viewer Professional

  • Fast RAW viewing, XMP rating, photo culling...
  • Full color management incl. profiled monitor.
  • Advanced batch file management, web upload.
  • EXIF, IPTC, GPS, XMP, RAW... truly photo-oriented.
  • Most proficient content-first user-interface.
  • Rock-solid, stable and dependable performer.
  • Works perfectly on Macs through Parallels Desktop.

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